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ButeaMaxR contains high concentration of Butea superba, the King of Male Herbs. Butea superba is a phyto testosterone that has high natural testosterone which can boost testosterone in the body, replace male hormones and get young again, strength and stamina.

There were clinical trials proving that Butea superba can treat erectile dysfunction (ED) safely even in male with diabetes and high blood pressure and Butea superba is called Herbal Viagra.

Butea superba also use as female libido supplements. Natural ways to increase female libido safely and effectively (just one pill daily or alternate day or when needed).


* Butea superba, the King of male herbs, the herb that contains natural testosterone.

* A natural testosterone booster

* A Herbal viagra, Clinically proved in erectile dysfunction (ED) patients !!

* A female libido pill, only one capsule on alternate day to increase Libido in women.


Butea superba is an indigenous herb of Thailand, found in the forests of Thailand. It is known as “red kwao krua” or so-called “phytoandrogen” (androgen male hormones derived from plants) by Scientists.


Butea superba belongs to the Family Leguminosae, subfamily Papilioneae. Butea superba has been found to contain flavonoid and flavonoid glycoside, of which scientists found that these two substances from the herb have strong cAMP phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitory effect, which this enzyme is directly related to corpus cavernosal vasodilation. (Note: Corpus cavernosa  (corpora in plural) is major tissue of penis, responsible for the rigidity of the erect penis). To inhibit this enzyme will help promote vasodilation (blood flow) at the penis area.


Thus, this effect results in stimulating aldosterone male hormones. Aldosterone male hormones are vital for blood circulation (vasodilatation) and new tissue generation, then resulting in improvement of Erectile Dysfunction, enlargement the sex organs, strengthen sex organ muscles and improve skin texture to promote youthful looks. Because of the effect of vasodilatation to increase blood circulation especially at sex organ, like mechanism of Viagra. Some people recognize Butea superba as “Natural Viagra”. It is interesting to note that from clinical trials in patients who had Erectile Dysfunction problems with additional health problems, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease and hyperthyroidism, they responded satisfactorily to Butea superba.


From many researches and clinical trials show that Butea superba herb can promote vasodilation (blood circulation) at penis area, resulting in hard effect at penis area. The action is very similar to Viagra. Thus, researchers and scientists recognise and call Butea superba herb as “herbal viagra”.


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