curcuma comosa vagina tightening herb
Genuine Curcuma comosa herb species to tighten vaginal muscles, bladder prolapse and uterine prolapse.

Curcuma comosa vaginal tightening herb

Natural choice for vaginal rejuvenation


Natural vaginal tightening. Alternative treatments for Vaginal prolapse, Bladder prolapse, Uterine prolapse, Vaginal vault prolapse.


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Curcuma comosa herb, an alternative choice to vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

Curcuma comosa, the most effective natural way to tighten vaginal wall muscle, vaginal prolapse, bladder prolapse and uterine prolapse.

Curcuma comosa Roxb., a herb belonging to Zingiberaceae family. Curcuma comosa is an indigenous herb of Thailand.

There are many herbs under Curcuma family on the market i.e. Curcuma comosa Roxb, Curcuma elata Roxb., Curcuma latifolia Rosc. and Curcuma xanthorrhiza D. Dietr. which the roots of these curcuma look similar but each herb has different properties and effects.

Especially the confusion with an herb called Curcuma xanthrorhiza which is originally from Indonesia. Curcuma xanthrorhiza does not have so much effects at female genital system like Curcuma comosa.

Curcuma comosa is the only herb species with natural vaginal tightening effects at the genital muscles.

Many vendors who do not have knowledge in herbal medicine, will have difficulty to identify the genuine species and use wrong species in their products, and that many consumers could not find tightening effects and doubt about the herbs. It is important to use only genuine species.

Curcuma comosa has been used for centuries in Thai traditional medicinal herbs and the herb is very safe.

Curcuma comosa is a very unique kind of herb which it has the powerful effects on female genital system especially vaginal wall muscles, uterus and bladder. Cucrcuma comosa  will tighten saggy muscles, prolapse muscles and promote blood circulation especially at the female genital system.

*** Effective even after multiple childbirth, Curcuma comosa herb has been widely used in women after childbirth to tighten firmly the uterus (womb) and vaginal muscles to its non-pregnant size again. ***

Scientists do not know exactly about the complicated mechanism of these substances at the genital muscles but the natural vaginal tightening results are very strong.

Curcuma comosa can be used in teenagers and adult with any ages to help regulate abnormal menstrual cycle to regain normal menstrual cycles after only taking the herbs for a few months. And especially that the herb could reduce abdominal pain and cramping effectively.

Curcuma comosa herb has been used to treat many genital conditions as vaginal dryness, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), menorrhagia (abnormal menstruation, too much menstruation. The herb eases menstrual pain and cramping effectively. Cucuma comosa suppresses abdominal pain and chronic pelvic disorders. It enables the contractions of the uterus to be more orderly.

Curcuma comosa has also been used for the treatment of excessive white discharge and yellow vaginal discharge, Leucorrhoea and also removes bad odour effectively.

Curcuma comosa has clinically proven helpful for relieving hot flashes during menopause. Curcuma comosa can reduce Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

Curcuma comosa appears to have some estrogenic effect, giving natural good estrogen to women for perfect feminine body system. Curcuma comosa increases the effect of ovarian/testicular hormones.

Herbs for Menopause

In Traditional herbal medicine texts, Curcuma comosa and Pueraria mirifica are mainly recommended in premenopause and menopause women. Both herbs can alleviate the menopause conditions, delay ageing and help gain youth back.


Some studies about Curcuma comosa herb

* Curcuma comosa Roxb.. Thai traditional practitioner has used its rhizome in woman for alleviation of post partum uterine pain, enhancement of uterine involution and for anti-inflammation of the uterus after delivery. (Association of the school of Thai Traditional Medicine 1973).


* Uterotrophic effect of Curcuma comosa  

Source: International journal of pharmacognosy   ISSN 0925 1618 1995, vol. 33, no4, pp. 334-338 (13 ref.)

Piyachaturawat P. ; Ercharuporn S. ; Suksamrarn A.

Department of Physiology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Uterotrophic activities of Curcuma comosa extracts were investigated in rats. The study revealed that Curcuma comosa has the effects in increasing uterine weight and glycogen content of bilaterally ovariectomized immature rats. The responses were dose-dependent. The hexane extract also induced cornification of vaginal epithelium, promote growth and induced keratinization of vaginal mucosa in ovariectomized mature rats. The duration of action and strength of the extract in increasing uterine weight, uterine levels of glycogen, DNA and protein, and inducing of morphological changes were less than those of estradiol. However, when the extract was given prior to, concurrent with, or after estradiol injection, it enhanced the uterine response to estradiol in all cases. These results suggest that the uterotrophic action Curcuma comosa is mediated through weak estrogenic agonistic activity of the plant.

Curcuma comosa extract has been demonstrated to possess uterotrophic effect and estrogenic activity.


* the ethanolic extract from the rhizome markedly reduced uterine contraction induced by oxytocin and some agents (Sawasdipanich, 1994). This is the reason why Curcuma comosa can reduce menstrual pain effectively.

In addition to the mentioned uterotrophic and estrogenic effects, another interesting biological effect of Curcuma comosa rhizome is choleretic activity. Ethyl acetate extract of the rhizome prepared following n-hexane and ethanol extraction has been reported to stimulate bile secretion with increased biliary cholesterol secretion leading to a decrease in plasma cholesterol in normal rats (Piyachaturawat et al.,1996). The active compound isolated from the ethyl acetate extract was identified to be phloracetophenone glucoside (Suksamran et al.,1997). Phloracetophenone, aglycone part of the glucoside, has been proven later to be responsible for the choleretic activity: it increases bile flow rate and biliary secretion of bile acid but decreases bile lithogenic index (Piyachaturawat et al.,1998).

Recently, the ethyl acetate extract has been shown to effectively reduce plasma triglyceride and cholesterol in diet-induced hypercholesterolaemic hamster (Piyachaturawat, et al.,1999).


Pure miracle herbs formula:

Unique formulation by Certified herbalist medicine.

Genuine species of Curcuma comosa and Asparagis racemosus are selected and in combination with some essential herbs in Unique formula which all are specially blended for female genitall system, muscles of external and visceral especially the vaginal wall muscles and also uterus (womb) and bladder wall muscles..

Natural vaginal tightening, women can feel like being young and even feel like virgin again. The unique vagina tightening formula can tighten vaginal prolapse even after several giving childbirth.


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Curcuma comosa vagina tightening herb

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