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How to increase Breast size naturally

By Pure Miracle Herbs dot com

How to Increase Bust Size Naturally

We have received many queries from customers about suggestions to complete success with our Pueraria mirifica feminine plus formula. Here are some tips to help increase your bust size together with our Pueraria mirifica unique formula.


1. Take Pueraria mirifica herbs feminine formula during empty stomach (before meal) for the best results.


2. Take calcium or milk everyday because calcium supplement or calcium in milk will help increase the absorption of Pueraria mirifica herb and enhance phytoestrogen activities.

* Calcium from food sources is better absorbed than calcium taken as supplements.

We strongly recommend calcium from food source but if you prefer calcium supplement, remember that calcium supplement should be taken with meals to maximize absorption.


3. Breasts massages everyday once or twice daily. Massage in upwards and inwards direction. The more you massage, the more blood circulation to your breasts area*   the deeper penetration of the herbs into mammary gland cells and adipose tissue*.

Pueraria mirifica and other tropical herbs extract help increase blood circulation at breasts tissues, enlarge mammary gland cells in breasts tissues and restore fat in breasts tissues.

4. Exercise with small dumbbell everyday. This will help strengthen the breasts muscles.

Curcuma comosa extract helps strengthen breasts muscles
5. Take other natural high phytoestrogen such as soy bean products, coconut juice.

6. No Smoking. Chemicals in cigarette break down skin elastin, making saggy breasts.


Super foods for Calcium fix

Five perfect sources for calcium :

1. Some of our best food sources of calcium come from dairy sources. For instance, a cup of skim milk contains 300 mg of calcium and one ounce of cheddar cheese contains 200 mg.

2. One cup of fortified orange juice contains the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk.

3. If you want to get adventurous with your food choices, try seaweed — 3.5 oz of dried seaweed contains twice as much calcium as a cup of milk (625 mg).

4. Vegetarian protein choices such as tofu (258 mg per 1/2 cup) and white beans (161 mg per 1 cup) are other terrific sources of calcium.

5. And don’t forget your daily serving of nuts — not only are almonds great for your heart, but they’re great for your bones too with 151 mg of calcium per ounce.

Boost your calcium absorption – You also want to get the most out of your calcium food sources. Consuming a calcium-rich food with a good source of vitamin C (like in citrus fruit).

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