Beauty tips


Nurture your body with high antioxidants everyday


  • Start your day with green tea.
  • One meal should be salad with violet cabbage and virgin olive oil dressing.
  • During day time, drink a cup of soy beverage, ginger tea (with least sugar or none).
  • Take some antioxidant superpower like phytoestrogens and pomegranate (fresh or juice).
  • End your day with red wine.


Simple Detox   

Put one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in a big glass of water, drink it during empty stomach every morning. You will find yourself differently, clean and fresh.


Detox plan   

* Set one day in a week to eat only vegetables and fruits, no any kinds of meat or oil food. Other days, try to eat high fibers food i.e. cereals, food grain, seaweed, cabbage, radish etc.

* Avoid chemicals in our daily life from cosmetics, shampoo, hair dye etc. Use natural products, herbs instead.

* Eat natural vitamin C (oranges, guava, tomatoes etc.) to help body produce glutathione. Glutathione will help our liver to eliminate chemicals and toxins from body.

* Drink water at least 2 liters a day.

* Long deep breath in open fresh air at least 30 minutes a day.

* Exercise or sauna to help eliminate toxins through sweating.


Release your growth hormone naturally    

Growth hormone can make people look younger. We still can stimulate our body system to produce growth hormone by :

Hard exercises until you feel your heart beating and you soak with sweat. Then your growth hormone will release naturally. Try to do hard exercise 3 times a week. Growth hormone will nurture your body and you will get back to look 10 years younger.

Sleeping at night time especially from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and in a very complete dark room, no lights. Try not to stay up late.


The best way to use skin care products    

You should not use the same brand for a long time. Because our skin needs to be nurtured by many kinds of skin food and also our skin will get used to it and then less response thereafter. The best way is after using one skin care for a period, you should change to another skin care and then after a period you can get back to use your old one and so on …

Every time you apply skin care, always massage a bit to help go deeper into your skin for better results.

Every time you apply any skin care on your face, don’t forget your neck skin. Neck skin is even more delicate than face skin and prone to have wrinkles easily.


Biological clock

Best sleeping time is from 10 pm at night to 6 am in the morning.


How to prevent wrinkles

Beauty sleelp – Sleeping on your back.

Lying on your stomach is not good for face skin because a lot of pressure from head weights to be putting on your face every night. Dermatologists can tell what side of the face people sleep on by the number of wrinkles there.


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