pueraria mirifica soap
pueraria mirifica soap

Pueraria mirifica Soap

Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Soap

(High concentration of Pueraria mirifica extract, Premium handmade)


pueraria mirifica soap
pueraria mirifica soap – high concentration of pueraria mirifica herbs extract

Our Pueraria mirifica soap is glycerine soap with the highest concentration of pueraria mirifica extract in the market, unlike most commercial soaps. We manufacture our own very high concentration of pueraria mirifica extract to use for Pueraria mirifica soap and Pueraria mirifica nano breast serum.

Try our pueraria mirifica herbal soap, you can feel the difference from the first use: nourishing, stimulating collagen and firming saggy skin while gently cleaning. The herbal soap is perfect for cleansing your make-up and suitable for acne skin problems as well. You can wash your face with our Pueraria mirifica herbal soap as often as you like and you will never experience dry skin.

We have 100% satisfaction from our customers.

Pueraria mirifica is known as the most phytoestrogen herb among all phytoestrogen herbs.

Pueraria mirifca herb contains many kinds of natural estrogens i.e. miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, daidzein, genistein, genistin, coumestrol etc. Of which these unique substances having similar properties to female human hormones and posses the highest estrogenic activity when compare to other kinds of phytoestrogen.

Pueraria mirifica’s natural estrogens have similar structure to human hormone. These natural hormones help promote collagen production, increase blood circulation, increase accumulation of water and thus firming the saggy skin and saggy breasts, nourish and  smooth skin texture to promote youthful looks.

Our Pueraria mirifica handmade soap is uniquely prepared with fine ingredients which are delicate and appropriate for all skin types, even the skin that prone to acne. All natural extracts in high concentration.

Pueraria mirifica soap (premium handmade) is 90 gm per piece

Ingredients : Pueraria mirifica extract, Ginseng extract, Curcuma longa extract, Virgin coconut oil, Avocado oil, Grape seed oil, Rice bran oil and glycerine.


For daily cleansing, cleansing make-up, while moisturizing, stimulating collagen synthesis and strengthening saggy skin. Promote glow, smooth and healthy skin.

Also suitable for acne skin.

Pueraia mirifica soap (premium handmade, high pueraria mirifica extract) 80 gram

price $15 10   Registered air mail  $10  Total  $20

Pueraria mirifica soap (High pueraria mirifica extract) : One soap including shipping fee    Total   $19 


Pueraria mirifica soap (High pueraria mirifica extract) : Two soaps including shipping fee    Total   $35