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Pueraria mirifica is breast enlargement herb and estrogen natural replacement.

FAQ – Regina Extra High Phytoestrogen Herb


Q: How Pueraria mirifica should be taken with the best effects 

A: Pueraria mirifica herbs are recommended by many experts to be taken as dietary supplement because of many benefits to women body system. In many studies for the purpose to enlarge breasts size, it is recommended up to 1,000 mg per day (Pueraria mirifica alone*).

During menstrual cycle, some who experience Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)** may reduce dose or stop during this time. Then after, start again.

Some tips: Herbs will give the most effect when taken during empty stomach and follow with a lot of water or honey to help distribute the herbs in our body. But if you experience nausea feeling, you can take after food immediately. Food do not interfere Pueraria mirifica herbs effects.

The effects of Pueraria mirifica herb will be even more enhanced if you have calcium or milk everyday (any time during a day, no need to be the same time with the herbs).

* One capsule of our Regina genuine pueraria mirifica formula contains total of 350 mg herbs which is 250 mg of pure Pueraria mirifica and plus 100 mg of other female herbs which all work in synergy to enhance the effects of Pueraria mirifica and with no cause side effects. We produce our herbal formula according to the Knowledge of Ancient Thai Medicinal Herbs Heritage and Modern science technology.

** A woman’s response to her own cyclical hormones is extremely individual, and that it is very difficult to pin down the causes of PMS.


Q: Some web sites recommend taking Pueraria mirifica pills when a menstruation starts for 15 days then stop until the next menstruation again. Which is the way to take pueraria mirifica pills to obtain maximum results?

A: If you check other web sites about Pueraria mirifica dosage, some recommend 15 days before a period, some recommend 15 days during a period.  this because those sites set pueraria mirifica dosage base on the dosage of contraceptive pills and this is not correct. If those web sites study the herbs and as herbalists, they should be aware that Pueraria mirifica is a phytoestrogen herb, and is recommended as a dieatry supplement, there is nothing related to contraceptive pills dosage.

This herbs formula is for dietary supplement purpose, not as birth control pills. According to the Thai traditional herbal medicine heritage, Pueraria mirifica is recommended as a herb supplement and never relate dosage with the time before or after a menstruation period.

The only concern is that natural estrogen from pueraria mirifica herb which is very similar to humen estrogen may interfere estrogen level during a period and may cause a delay in menstrual cycle or menstrual pain or heavy menstrual in some women. If that is a case, then we recommend to stop Pueraria mirifica herbs during a period and start again after a period is over. Or some women may reduce Pueraria mirifica dose during a period.

Note: the recommendation of taking  pueraria mirifica on the first day of a menstruation period is not even practical as this time hormone levels in women fluctuate and more estrogen (from the herbs) even cause menstrual cramp.

In male who want to grow breasts: no need to concern about a period.



Q: Does Pueraria mirifica herbs cause breast cancer / breast tumor?  

A: Below lists are some studies revealing that Pueraria mirifica breast enhancement herb does not cause breasts cancer and even help decrease the risks of breast cancer.
Study of Pueraria mirifica vs. cancers

Pretreatment with phytoestogen-rich plant decreases breast tumor incidence

Case control study of phytoestrogen and reduction in breast-cancer risk


Q: Do I have to take Pueraria breast enlargement pills forever?

A: After 6 months once you are satisfied with the results, you may reduce dose to only 1-2 pills per day as a maintenance dose or stop as you like.
Due to the fact that aging and gravity will affect your breasts tissues to be sagging. It would be better to have a maintenance dose. The herbs benefits are not just for breasts but for young skin and female body system. There are many recommendations to take Pueraria mirifica herbs as dietary supplement, Pueraria mirifica can help extend your menopause phenomena.


Q: Maximum daily dose of Pueraria mirifica herb capsules

A: The maximum dose of Regina pueraria mirifica high phytoestrogen herbs formula  is 4 capsules per day.  You need not exceed this dose. But many of our customers consume only 2 capsules per day because they could see the breasts enhancement and breasts lifting effects from only 2 capsules per day — this is because our Regina formula is produced from genuine pueraria mirifica species and in the formula with extra high phytoestrogenic.We produce our herbs formula according to the Knowledge of Thai ancient medicinal herbs. Safety is the most important to our customers.


Q: How long will I see the breast enhancement results? 

A: Normally within the first month you should see some improvement like tightening at breasts, breats enlarge, more feminine shape, skin starts to be soft and shine, sleep better etc. Responses are varied from person to person. Some responses fast, some slow. From studies the maximum peak to see the results is 3 months. So please be patient to see natural effects.


Q: How menopause women get benefits from Pueraria mirifica herbs.

A:  From customers feedback, many customers gain their period back. New period flush is good to wash out all bad residue in uterus. Menopausal syndrom especially hot flash, vaginal dryness are relieved significantly. And more benefits from delay ageing, smoother and nicer skin and god sleeping back.


Q: Recommened daily dose of Regina pueraria mirifica capsules for menopause

A:  Only 1 or 2 capsules of Regina Pueraria mirifica high phytoestrogen per day.

We also recommend Venus tightening herbs as herbs for menopause as well.  You can consume both Regina high phytoestrogen capsules and Venus tightening capsules together. Both herbs formula can work in a synergy and you can see the great delay in ageing and over all youth in you in a couple months only. We have many customers who told us that they cannot stop our herbs because they could feel ageing again.


Q: Can I take Pueraria mirifica pills if I have a family planning?  

A:  No you should not take Pueraria mirifica during family planning because Pueraria mirifica herb has its miroestrol which its properties and structure are similar to estrogen female hormone, then it may act like very mild contraceptive pills.


Q: I have been taking the herbs and I notice some more leucorrhea. Please advise.

A: More leucorrhea discharge can be seen in some women after taking the herbs. This is normal.

Normally women leucorrhea is a odorless, slightly acidic viscous material, with moist vagina, excrete waste. The role of leucorrhea is inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria which is a normal physiological phenomenon. In healthy women, leucorrhea increase in association with increased levels of estrogen. Application of estrogen medications can be a similar increase in leucorrhea.

Pueraria mirifica herb contains natural estrogen hormone. Leucorrhea is the result from a change of estrogen level.

Physiological leucorrhea is white or quite transparent viscous, no genital itchiness, no inflammation, odorless.


Q: Can I use Pueraria mirifica breast rnlargement pills while breast feeding?  

A: Pueraria mirifica herbs contains natural estrogen hormone, which the estrogen can cross into breast milk, but no harmful effects seen in babies. The only concern is that estrogen will decrease your milk supply. So it is not recommended that breastfeeding mothers use Pueraria mirifica herbs or any birth control pills, please wait until you stop breastfeeding.

But during breastfeeding, you can consume Venus vaginal tightening pills to help tighten your vaginal wall and uterus muscles back to non-pregnant size and even like vaginal rejuvenation.

* Venus vagina tightening pills does not affect breast milk supply nor harm to baby.


Q: Does your Pueraria mirifica work in males to grow breasts?  

A:  From our male customers experience, definitely yes. Many male customers take our Regina pueraria mirifica extra high phytoestrogen formula and they all have good results and also their body become more curves with feminine shape. Same effects like who use contraceptive pills in high dose.


Q: Why some web sites claim that their breast serum/breast cream can make instant breast enlargement but yours not as quick as others?    

A: We do not over claim our products because due to the fact that NO any natural herbs can make such instant effects. To claim enlargement right after the application or within a few days is because some chemical substances like “fiber” is added in to make tightening effect at applied area. Then, women can feel like breasts are enlarged. It is a temporarily effect. Pueraria mirifica herbs or any herbs need some time to nurture breasts tissue. Nanotechnology will help the herbs to go deeper into the skin. Our body system need time to grow tissue.


Q: Why you have only breast serum, but not breast cream?   

A: In pharmaceutical cosmetics production, aqueous form is the best presentation which is absorbed best into the skin.  If you ask a pharmacist who takes care of cosmetics production, the best presentation which most absorbed is serum, then gel, then cream which is least absorbed when compared with other presentations.

Serum presentation is more complicated and costly to produce. But we can offer our customers a very affordable price because we manufactured the products ourselves.


Q: Tips to massage breasts with serum   

A: Apply serum throughout breasts and when you massage – the direction must be inward (from out to the middle of the body) and upward. While applying, the longer you massage, the more blood circulation to massaged area.



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