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Authentic Pueraria mirifica for bigger breasts in women and natural estrogen replacement. Natural male breast enhancement.

Hi, do you know there are many Fake Pueraria mirifica products on the market?

I didn’t know this before until many visitors sent me photos of pueraria mirifica pills they bought online. Some photos showed clearly brown powder inside the capsule, some dishonest sellers use white-color capsule to hide the color of the herbs and it was brown. I was wondering why online shoppers decided to buy these fake products easily????

Next time, before buying Pueraria mirifica, there are a few suggestions from us as Thai medical herbalists, we would like you to check, or you would pay for fake Pueraria mirifica which has no effects on your breasts at all.


Where to buy Pueraria mirifica

How to know if you are buying authentic Pueraria mirifica products

 1. Pueraria mirifca or White kwao krua in local name (Thai) must be in white color or off white only. Even after encapsulation, the finished products are still in white or off white tone only! And the herb has unique smell, this would be noticed by herbalists and people who have been dealing with Pueraria mirifica for a long time.

Good manufacturers who care about users’ health and safety should encapsulate the herbs in transparent capsule with two good reasons that

(1) Users can see the color of the herbs inside easily that it is in white.

(2) Color of capsules are made from pigments. Although pigment is food grade, considering that users take Pueraria mirifica capsules for a long time or as a dietary supplement, these pigments would not be good to liver in a long run.


2. Genuine Pueraria mirifica species are found in the North of Thailand and around the border between Thailand and Myanmar (small limited area) only.

Easily chekced that the manufacturers and sellers who offer Pueraria mirifica herbs capsules are from Thailand.

note:    However, from our experience, We found that many herbs suppliers even Thai suppliers who want to reduce cost of pure Pueraria mirifica powder (which are expensive) by mixing Pueraria mirifica with other cheap herbs. Unfortunately some mixed herbs has opposite effects to Pueraria mirifica. This reduces the estrogenic effects of Pueraria mirifica.

So, always buy Pueraria mirifica capsules from trusted Thai manufacturers only.


3. Pueraria mirifica has a long history of use more than a century in Thai traditional herbal medicine. Pueraria mirifica is a very strong estrogenic herb, therefore it is recommended in Thai traditional herbal medicine not to be used alone but should be mixed with some specific feminine herbs to reduce the side effects and enhance and boost the estrogenic effects.

Pueraria mirifica herbs ingredients should be formulated by Thai traditional medicine or Thai traditional pharmacy. To ensure safety and efficacy for users. Then you will not waste money to buy fake pueraria mirifica that doesn’t work.



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