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Below are collections of questions from customers.


Q: May I know whether your good pueraria nano breast cream is paraben free?  

A: Yes our Regina nano breast serum (triple concentartion) is paraben-free. Please feel relieve to use it.


Q: The pueraria mirifica breasts serum can apply every night after shower or need to apply every morning/night?  

A: To see the results faster, we recommend twice a day. However from our customers’ feedback, some apply Pueraria mirifica nano breast serum only once a day and they still achieve the results.

This is one feedback from our loyal customer :

Dear Ivy  

Thanks for your reply, and I look forward to receiving my breast serum. I have been using it just once a day and it has helped to retain some plumpness in my (ageing!) breasts.   

Kind regards,




Q:  I am currently consuming this Royal Maca with DIM from this website you can read..

My question is, can I take this together with your good product for breast? Or do I need to wait 1-2 hours before to have different herbs?  

A: Please take separately because both products have different mechanisms. It is better that you start from taking Pueraria mirifica herb first ans then wait another 1-2 hours to take maca with DIM as this helps metabolise estrogen.


Q: My cousin sister told me about Breast A…. which is now available in Malaysia. Have you heard of this brand for breast enhancement purpose? I wonder if this product same as your good brand product? I know that this breast a…. do not allow us to drink even a cup of coffee, so I find that it is very weird…  

A: We already checked breast brand a…. web site. Normally we do not want to talk about other web sites but if you want to hear my opinion. The information on that site is very loose. And according to Thai traditional  herbal medicine, the ingredients do not make any sense at all. Pueraria mirifica is originally from Thailand, we know the formula the best. And I can say that testimonials are very fake for me. I would be surprised if they can sell.


Q: If after 2 months I still cannot achieve 1 cup size, is it possible to continue 2 bottles per month for the next 4 months (total 6months) so that I could achieve 1 cup size? Or I have to stop and just to maintain 1 bottle per month after these 2 months without achieving 1 cup size?  

A: How to take pueraria mirifica herbs, if you do not achieve within 2 months, yes you can take 4 pills to 6 months. There is no dangerous. The herbs formula is very very safe.


Q: I noticed from the website that your Curcuma comosa herbs can solve the problem. How I comsume it and is this suitable for me because I noticed that this is not suitable for cyst and tumor patient? If this is suitable, is that I can get the product directly from Malaysia? If not, since you are in Bangkok, do you need 2 weeks to ship to Malaysia?

I had an ovarian cyst operation and removed one side of my left ovary when I was 26 years old and now i am 38 years old but my breast still imbalance. My right breast is smaller compare to left breast and only 34AA.  

A: All women will have imbalance breasts – this is normal – one breast (normally right) will be bigger than the left breast.

Do you still have tumor screening from time to time?

It depends on if your cyst was completely cut and you do not have any sign of more cyst then you can take Pueraria mirifica. If within last 12 years you still have that risk then I do not recommend you to take pueraria mirifica herbs. But I do recommend you to take Curcuma comosa formula herbs because from customers feedback the herbs help reduce the cyst size.

Lead time from Thailand to Malaysia is 1-2 weeks. Sometimes parcel arrives within 1 week, sometimes more delay — it really depends on the Malaysian post office.


Q:  I have a problem of little bit of hormonal imbalance……and that’s why my periods delay.. so is it safe to use Pueraria mirifica herbs?  And will it work if i take only the pills?   

A: Yes there is no problem for you to take Pueraria mirifica herbs. And take only Regina genuine pueraria mirifica pills will work to enhance your breast size.

One thing is only that as Pueraria mirifica has phytoestrogen that mimic human estrogen, in the first few months, you might or might not experience delayed period. Until your body can adjust to the new estrogen then your period should get back to normal.

If you want to regulate period every month, I also recommend Venus tightening herbs because the Curcuma comosa – Asparagus racemosus herbs help regulate periods and even help reduce menstrual cramp.


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Questions from Customers  i    (pueraria mirifca breast enlargement herb)

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