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Q: Does caffeine or chocolate block the effect of the breast herbs? I read on other websites that use other phytoestrogen herbs (i.e. fenugreek) that it blocks the effect.

A: Coffee and chocolate have caffeine and as you may know caffeine will block your digestive system to absorb nutrients. However as our Pueraria mirifica herbs formula has boosting herbs that help the body to absorb and enhance the effects of Pueraria mirifica, you still can have coffee and chocolate but just have it not the same time as the herbs.


Q: Do you know much about fenugreek herb and how it compares to pueraria mirifica?

A: Fenugreek is also phytoestrogen and actually there are many kinds of plants that are phytoestrogen i.e. soy.

As for the herb fenugreek, it has its history in Ayurveda (India) and Middle East herbalism. It does not have nearly the amount nor the variety of phytoestrogens that pueraria mirifica has.

When compare to all phytoestroegn: Pueraria mirifica herb has the most estrogenic effects among all phytoestrogens. And its natural estrogen structure is very similar and mimic human estrogen hormone.


Q: I decided to try massaging some coconut oil into the breast area after applying the breast serum. Is this ok to do? Will it interfere with  the process?   

A: Yes, you can massage virgin coconut oil after the use of Regina pueraria mirifica nano breast serum. No interference. The more you massage the faster results you can see and virgin coconut oil is good for your skin too.


Q: I have read on other sites that sell pueraria mirifica that it is suggested to use the herb the first 15 days of female cycle then wait until start of next cycle (first day of menstrual cycle).

Is it necessary or helpful to do this with your formulation? Why do the other sites say to do this? I am interested from a scientific point of view.

note: A woman’s response to her own cyclical hormones is extremely individual, and that it is very difficult to pin down the causes of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

further feedback from the same customer:

Personally, I started the herbs one week before my period and my PMS symptoms were decreased due to the herbs (I didn’t get the massive headaches I usually get at onset and at end of my period). So I agree with you that every woman is different and may need to approach any herbal use differently. Some women may benefit by taking a break before her period, others may be better off to stay on the herbs all the time.



Q: I am interested in your product. I was wondering though I am currently on the birth control Mirena (IUD) and my periods are very irregualr. Can I take this product DAILY and be SAFE with having a regualr period?

A: You are on IUD, you can try our Pueraria mirifica herbs pills definitely. No interference. And I hope you response well to the herbs. We receive many success including ladyboys who were not successful with other products even synthetic ones.

If your objective of taking herbs to adjust your irregularr period, then I will recommend Curcuma comosa tightening herbs.

If you want to increase your breast size, then will be only Pueraria mirifica breast enlargement pills.


Q: I am 43 and feel my breast are small but sagging, currently i use bra cup b or c size 75cm…i want to improve this. what should i get? and how much?

A: Actually you can use either Pueraria nano breast serum or Pueraria pills.

Oue Regina pueraria nano breast serum works outside and Regina Pueraria mirifica pills work inside.

But if you are worried only for sagging, you can use only breast serum.  Or if you want fast results, you may take with the pills with lower dosage i.e. 2 pills per day rather than 4 pills per day.


Q: Hi ivy, can i ask you how much nano breast cream do i pump into each breast?? one pump load or two??

Pure beast herbs: Please just make it one pump per breast and that please massage upwards and inwards until the pueraria breast serum is fully absorbed.


Q: I am interested in your product Regina genuine pueraria mirifica pills.  My question is how much do I need to pay for one bottle (60 Caps / Tab) contain of 350mg (250mg- pueraria mirifica) in what currency ?? Any shipping/courier charges ? Is there any “promotion” if I buy more or what are the promotion you can offer me?

A: Please have a look at the shopping online page for Pueraria mirifica, showing the price and shipping fee in USD.

Yes, on the table list, you can see that purchase more bottles, price per bottle and shipping fee per bottle is cheaper.

One capsule for 1000 mg is too big to swallow, even 500 mg I still find difficult to take it. Our cpill is small enough to take and as a maintenance dose (after 3-6 months) you can take only 1 pill per day. It is very convenient and effective.


Q: I would like to know what is the “100mg-other female herbs” contains other than 250mg pure pueraria mirifica (which made up of 350mg/pill or tab).

A: the other 100 mg of our Unique formula contains boosting female herbs which the herbs also are phytoestrogens and they are proved to boost the effects of pueraria mirifica herb.

And according to Thai traditional herbal medicine )which is more  than a century), pueraria mirifica herb is not recommended to be consumed alone. There are many web sites which do not have any knowledge about Thai herbs and sell pueraria mirifica herb which is indigenous herb of Thailand and recommend the herbs incorrectly. We are certified herbalists and we try to do the correct thing to serve people with the most effective and safest herbs.


Q: I am 38 years old, what is the ideal dosage I should take ? Should I take 2M+2N ?

I just need to “repair” my sagging problem, not really on “Enlargement”.  How should I go about ?


If I take 2M+2N, that means 1 bottle (60 Tabs) can only last for 15days, so for 1 month I need 2 bottles.  I can only see the results after 3 months (6 bottles) ?

A: For sagging breasts, you can take only 2 pills per day – 1 in the morning and 1 at night time. And I would recommend you use Pueraria nano breast serum too – this is definitely help your breast sagging problem. We have great feedback about the serum from customers who have the same problem as yours even with customers more than 55 years old.


Q: What is the difference between “Radix pueraria mirifica” and “Pure pueraria mirifica”?

A: There are many species of Pueraria family like Pueraria mirifica, Pueraria lobata, Pueraria Radix etc. BUT the most species that give the highest phytoestrogen that mimic human estrogen is Pueraria mirifica species.


Q: Dear Ivy, My period was supposed to be 3rd October but today is already Sunday, still no period yet 🙁

I actually stopped taking the capsules on 1st October because I thought I should stop a few days before my period so that I will not have menstrual migraine like last month 🙁 However, when I realised that my period did not come, I continue the capsules in the morning, skip at night until today. Still no period 🙁 Is this normal? Please help. I have no pain or anything but some light brown discharge once and twice a day these 2 days…

A: This is normal.  In women who take Pueraria mirifica herbs, some women have more period and some have delayed period. This will happen temporalily only until your body system can adjust with new hormone from pueraria mirifica herb and then your period will get back to normal.

Nothing serious. Please do not worry.


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