Curcuma comosa Tea

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Curcuma comosa tea

Curcuma comosa herb, a native herb of Thailand. Curcuma comosa herb has a unique substances which the herb has strong tightening effects on muscles especially the muscles at the genital system i.e. vaginal wall, uterus and bladder.

Curcuma comosa herb promotes blood circulation to the genital area, cell tissues and muscles of vaginal muscles. Curcuma comosa nourishes the vaginal muscles with nutrients from blood vessels. And the substances in the herb have effects on loose muscles, prolapse muscles. Scientists do not know exactly about the complicated mechanism of these substances at the genital muscles but the tightening results are very strong.

From Thai Traditional Herbal Medicine old texts, Curcuma comosa was the first herb to be used in women after childbirths and this has been practices for centuries.


Home remedy to tighten vagina

Curcuma comosa has effects :

– to tighten vaginal muscles fast, tighten loose vagina after birth, tighten vag lips, prolapsed bladder treatment
– as herbal tea for menopause to relieve menopausal symptoms especially hot flashes, vaginal dryness and as natural hormone replacement.


Venus Cucuma comosa tea – 100% Natural vagina tightening herbs Exclusive formula by Thai herbalists medicine, specially blended.

Ingredients:  Curcuma comosa and other tropical herbs extract for tightening formula 86%, sugar 14%

How to drink:  One teaspoon with hot water. Ready to drink.

Taste:  Specially blended with good taste, little sweet. Everyone can drink – bottom up.


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