Prolapsed Bladder/Vaginal Tightening Herbs

Herbs for Vaginal Tightening, Vaginal Lips, Prolapsed Bladder Treatment 

Curcuma comosa Herb

vagina tightening pillsCurcuma comosa is a native herb of Thailand. Curcuma comosa herb has a unique substances which the herb has strong tightening effects on muscles especially the muscles at the genital system i.e. vaginal wall, uterus and bladder.

The herb promotes blood circulation to the genital area, cell tissues around are nourished with nutrients from blood vessels. And the substances in the herb have effects on loose muscles, prolapse muscles. Scientists do not know exactly about the complicated mechanism of these substances at the genital muscles but the tightening results are very strong.

From Thai Traditional Herbal Medicine old texts, Curcuma comosa was the first major herb to be used in women after childbirths and this has been practices for centuries.

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Asparagus racemosus Herb (Shatavari) means “Having a 100 spouses”

vagina rejuvenationAsparagus racemosus, a powerful vaginal tightening herb

In Sanskrit, Asparagus means ‘Woman who possesses a hundred husbands,’ implying its ability to help support vitality.

In Sanskrit, Asparagus means ‘She who possesses a hundred husbands,’ Shatavari has been known used for the powerful effects of tightening vaginal prolapse for centuries.The herb is recommended for aphrodiasic tonic and general weakness of body.

In Thai traditional herbal medicine journals, there are stories for Shatavari to be used in wives whom their husbands having affairs and consuming Shatavari, will help wives regain youth and virginity again to have their husbands back.

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Unique Formula with Genuine Species

Our Venus vaginal tightening capsules are unique formulated by Certified herbalist medicine, blend Cucuma comosa and Asparagus racemosus with some other tropical herbs which all herbs work in a synergy to tighten vagina prolapse and/or bladder prolapse perfectly. The tightening results could be noticed within just the first one or two bottles.

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