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curcuma comosa vagina tightening herb
Genuine Curcuma comosa herbs species

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I am sure you read many complaints on the internet that curcuma comosa herb does not work, does not tighten your vagina prolapse at all.

There are many fake vagina tightening herbal products to be claimed that their capsules contain curcuma comosa.  This really jeopardizes the tightening reputation of this herb.

There are many herbs species under Curcuma family on the market i.e. Curcuma comosa Roxb, Curcuma elata Roxb., Curcuma latifolia Rosc.  Curcuma xanthorrhiza D. Dietr and etc.  which the roots of these curcuma look quite similar but each herb has different properties and effects.

Especially the confusion with an herb called Curcuma xanthrorhiza which is originally from Indonesia. Curcuma xanthrorhiza does not have so much effects at female genital system like Curcuma comosa.

Curcuma comosa Roxb., a herb belonging to Zingiberaceae family. Curcuma comosa is an indigenous herb of Thailand. Curcuma comosa is the only herb species with natural vaginal tightening effects at the genital muscles.

Many vendors who do not have knowledge in herbal medicine, will have difficulty to identify the genuine species and use wrong species in their products, and that many consumers could not find tightening effects and doubt about the herbs. It is important to use only genuine species.

What can I do for a prolapsed bladder? Natural treatment for prolapsed bladder are cystocele treatment exercise, herbs for prolapsed bladder.

Curcuma comosa is one of the most effective bladder prolapse homeopathic remedy. Curcuma comosa herb can lift up prolapsed bladder, tightening of vaginal muscles, tighten vagina after childbirth, tighten skin after pregnancy and natural ways to increase female libido.


Where to buy Curcuma comosa

How to know if you are buying Genuine Curcuma comosa products


For people who do not have Thai traditional herbal medicine knowledge, it is not easy, we can give a few advice.

 1. Curcuma comosa is in brown color. And the herb has very unique smell, this would be noticed by herbalists and people who have been dealing with curcuma comosa for a long time.

Good manufacturers who care about users’ health and safety should encapsulate the herbs in transparent capsules with two good reasons that

(1) Users can see the color of the herbs inside easily that it is in brown.

(2) Color of capsules are made from pigments. Although pigment is food grade, considering that users take curcuma comosa capsules for a long time or as a dietary supplement, these pigments would not be good to liver in a long run. We do care about this little point. Your health is most important.


2. Genuine Curcuma comosa species is originally grown and  found in the North of Thailand (certain area) only.

Easily check if those manufacturers and sellers who offer Curcuma comosa herb products are from Thailand.

However, from our experience, even herbs suppliers from Thai suppliers, they are confused with the Curcuma species and fail to use wrong species. Or some suppliers who want to reduce cost of pure Curcuma comosa powder (which is expensive) by mixing Curcuma comosa with other cheap herbs. Unfortunately some mixed herbs has opposite effects to Curcuma comosa. This reduces the vagina tightening effects of Curcuma comosa so much.

So, always buy Curcuma comosa herb from trusted Thai manufacturers only and you will be pleased with the herb’s tightening effects.


3. Curcuma comosa has a long history of use more than a century in Thai traditional herbal medicine. Curcuma comosa has a very strong natural vagina tightening effects and in Thai traditional herbal medicine, there is another herb which has a very strong vagina tightening effects as well. The herb is called Asparagus racemosus or Shatavari, meaning having a one hundred spouses.

herbs to tighten vagina muscles
Genuine Shatavari species

Both herbs are the perfect match which will render great tightening effects, not only for vaginal muscles but tightening bladder prolapse and uterine prolapse.  We have many customers who tried our products and they could avoid prolapse surgery.

The herbs ingredients should be formulated by Thai traditional medicine or Thai traditional pharmacy. To ensure safety and efficacy for users. Then you will not waste money to buy something that doesn’t work.



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