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Venus Tightening Pills for Prolapsed Bladder / Loose Vagina


Q: How long would a woman need to use Venus vagina tightening herbs until a result can be seen?

A: It depends on how much your vaginal muscles loose. Some women can notice the lifting results within the first week. Many can feel the tightening effects within 1 or 2 bottles, some may take up to 3 months.

The other benefits, you will notice that the Venus tightening herbs tighten your body skin too and even face lifting effects. You can feel young, smooth and nice skin.


Q: Do women need to continue using Venus vagina tightening herbs forever?

A: The tightening results are permanent. Once your vaginal wall is tighter and then it is forever. You can stop the herbs any time without any bad consequence. Venus tightening herbs is 100% natural and very safe formula.

But if the vaginal wall muscles become loose because of many intercourses or after childbirth then you can get back to use the herbs again.

Or you can consume Venus tightening herbs forever for overall body well-being and delay ageing. 

Venus vaginal tightening pills is also highly recommended in women over 40+, perimenopause and menopause. Because the formula consists of feminine herbs which have phytoestrogenic effects and natural essentials for female body system. You will feel the difference like you never did before! Firming and glowing skin overall, delay ageing, delay menopausal syndrome.

We have many life-time customers (as customers call themselves with us.) who continue Venus tightening herbs as dietary supplement after satisfaction with the tightening results because they could see more benefits from the herbs.


Q: Can women use Venus vagina tightening herbs after childbirth?

A: Yes absolutely. You can use our formula right after the delivery. There is no effects to milk supply or to the baby or to nursing mother. Our Venus tightening herbs formula does not affect breast milk production.

Venus tightening herbs have been long used after childbirth to tighten firmly the uterus (womb) and vaginal wall muscles to its non-pregnant size. After trying our Venus tightening herbs, you can forget vaginal rejuvenation surgery completely.


Q: Does Venus vagina tightening herbs tighten the cervix and the upper part of the vagina?

A: Yes indeed. Venus tightening herbs formula has the direct strong effects at the muscles in genital system. Curcuma comosa is a very unique herb which it has the most effects at female genital muscles especially vaginal wall muscles and uterus.


Q: Does Venus vagina tightening herbs tighten the bladder prolapse?

A: Absolutely yes. We have many customers who have bladder prolapse (uterine prolapse). They are worried to go for a surgery and they tried our Venus vagina tightening herbs, the herbs formula tighten the bladder prolapse to be back to its normal and they could notice the tightening results within just 2-3 bottles and they need not to consult the surgeon any more.


Q: Does woman who gives birth by cesarean section, still benefit from Venus vagina tightening herbs?

A: Yes. Venus vagina tightening herbs can be used either giving birth or multiple births or do not have a child.


Q. Can I use Venus vaginal tightening capsules together with Regina Pueraria mirifica herbs?

A: Absolutely yes. Both formula can work in a synergy, enhancement the tightening effects even more.

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