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The use of herbs is a time-honored approach. Herbs contain some active substances that can trigger side effects or interact with other herbs, or supplements. People should carefully take herbs, under the supervision of a person knowledgeable in the field of herbal medicine …. We are certified herbalists medicine. We do care every single step from raw herbs selection, harvesting, drying process according to Tradiitonal herbal medicine journals until formulation. Being herbalists medicine, we have ethics to deliver only the right thing. 


Authentic Herbs Species
Have you ever wondered why some herbal products you used, did not give any results like many testimonials, many claims on those web sites ???  We are located in Thailand where the herbs originally grow. With long studying herbs species and the herbs characteristics and long experience handling raw herbs for many years, we could identify the genuine species. Almost online vendors who are selling herbs, do not have herbal medicine knowledge and most of them selling false species.

Most active substances 
Following the guidelines of Good Harvesting Practice (GHP). We select only appropriate ages of the roots and harvested in some certain areas in Thailand.  The mature roots will contain the highest substances. The herbs are harvested from certain areas  where the raw herbs are tested in laboratory and found high contents of active nutrients. Herbs Quality is most important to us.

Safe ingredients
The herbs recipes are formulated by herbalists medicine according to the history use and of traditional herbal medicine textbooks. We also adapted the formula to be in line with modern clinical studies. Some herbs can be used as a single herb (one herb ingredient) but many herbs are recommended to combine with some herbs formula for high absorption, boosting the effects and/or reduce some side effects. For example, Pueraria mirifica is a very strong herb. Pueraria mirifica can trigger side effects.  In Thai traditional herbal medicine, Pueraria mirifica was not recommended to use alone. Therefore, Thai Food & Drug Administration do not approve single Pueraria mirifica formula. To reduce some side effects, herbalists have to blend Pueraria mirifica with some other specific herbs and the phytoestrogenic effects of Pueraria mirifica is even more, while less side effects. The cost of these other herbs are even more expensive than Pueraria mirifica herb alone, but we are willing to pay for it. Consumers’ safety is most important to us.

Powerful unique ingredients
We are herbalist medicine team with more than 15 years experience in traditional herbal medicine especially in enhancing herbs. We formulate the main herbs with more than 10 other herbs which all these herbs can boost the effects of the main herbs while reducing side effects. It is like combined treatment. We do believe we have the Best formula on the market.

High concentration for faster results
Our all herbal products are in high concentration. Our high concentrated herbs extracts can render results in a short period. We are proud of  great feedback from customers.

All herbal products were tested to be non-micro organism, free from heavy metals (mercury, lead and arsenic) and with standard moisture content which all according to International Standard.


Message from the Medical Herbalist


genuine pueraria mirifica, genuine curcuma comosa
Unique formula by Medical Herbalist

Ivy P Ting. has a background in Medical Science and continued study in Herbal Medicine at The Institute of Thai Traditional Herbal medicine Development. With more than 15 years experience in healthcare industry both traditional herbal medicine and modern medicine. The first herb I tried in my life was Pueraria mirifica and the results were incredible. Since then, with great impression I started doing a research on the herbs … from text books, experts, users, medical papers, herbs conferences … then attending a medicinal herbs school at the Foundation of Thai Traditional Medicine Development to be an herbalist. With a passion in herbal medicine, then I decided to develop a herbs web site. Expecting it to be a great site for the herbs knowledge, not just for commercial and some earnings turn to charity i.e. donation for homeless animals, wild animals. I would like to distribute herbs knowledge, having the right information to take herbs safely, persuade us to get back to the nature cure. It is not just you take a high dose of the herbs, then you have fast results. Our body system needs time to be nurtured with herbs nutrients, need time to grow tissues, strengthen muscles etc. If the results are instant, then you can think of synthetic/chemicals in the ingredients. And that is not here… A coin has two sides and same as the herbs. To take some herbs like Pueraria mirifica, with the most benefits and safety, you need some specific herbs to blend together. Our herbs are formulated according to Thai Traditional Medicinal Herbs Heritage and with consultation with the herbs experts. After a great success with Pueraria mirifica formula, I extend my study to other herbs line like Butea superba, Curcuma comosa, Hairloss herbs and herbal spa products. I am proud to say that you are served with the right recipes. Effective while Safely – that’s what I am concerned. I am very happy every time I receive mails from customers and telling how the products work for them. Feeling great that we can help many women and men happy and all that the testimonials here are genuine. I am the one who use all these products by myself. Feel free to write me, when you have queries.

Thank you and with my best wishes,

Ivy P Ting.  



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