Buy Regina breast enhancement serum

Buy Regina pueraria mirifica nano breast serum  (40% of Pueraria mirifica extract)

– Increase breast size from 1-3 inches

– Lift saggy breasts

– also, grow breasts in Male successfully


best pueraria mirifica cream

Pueraria mirifica nano breast enhancement serum

Regina pueraria mirifica nano breast serum – Triple concentration of pueraria mirifica extract. 

​Exclusive formula by Thai herbalists medicine

Two sizes available:

One bottle contains 50 ml. (1.72 ounce)

and 120 ml. (4.22 ounce)

  40% concentration of Pueraria mirifica extract (highest concentration in the market), Ginseng extract, Curcuma comosa extract, Curcuma longa extract, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, Grape seed oil and Aquasome.


Apply Pueraria mirifica nano breast serum on breast area morning and night. Massage inward and upward until the nano serum is fully absorbed.  How to massage breasts with serum: Apply serum throughout breasts and when you massage – the direction must be inward (from out to the middle of the body) and upward. While applying, the longer you massage, the more blood circulation to massaged area.

The results can be noticed after the second week. The response varies from person to person.


Precautions: Do not use in women who have cysts, tumors or cancers at breasts or women during lactation.


* Increases breast size from 1-3 inches

* Lifting saggy breasts

* Grows male breasts naturally and successfully

* Glow and Smooth skin to promote youthful breasts


Price (USD) : Regina pueraria mirifica breast serum + Registered air mail


Pueraria mirifica nano breast serum in unique formula

– Standard Size  50 ml. (1.72 ounce)  Price   $55,

Registered air mail $8 for the first piece

– Extra Size 120 ml. (4.22 ounce) Price  $99 ,

Registered air mail is $9 for the first piece

– Shipping fee for additional bottle is  $3 per bottle


I. Regina Pueraria mirifica nano breast serum: Standard size 50 ml.


Regina pueraria mirifica breasts serum 50 ml. One bottle  $55   Shipping fee  $8   Total   $63        


Regina pueraria mirifica breasts serum 50 ml. Two bottles  $110   Shipping fee  $11   Total   $121         

*** Free 30 Antioxidants plus Sirtuins capsules  $8

II. Regina Pueraria mirifica nano breast serum: Extra large size 120 ml.


Regina pueraria mirifica breasts serum 120 ml. One bottle  $99   Shipping fee  $9   Total   $108      

*** Free 20 Antioxidants plus Sirtuins capsules  $6


Regina pueraria mirifica breasts serum 120 ml. Two bottles  $190   Shipping fee  $12   Total   $202       

*** Free 30 Antioxidants plus Sirtuiins capsules  $8
*** Free Pueraria mirifica soap sample


EXPRESS Mail Service (EMS)

Expedite shipment of your whole order by Express mail service (EMS).

An additional cost of $50 on regular air mail.  

*** Free 20 Antioxidants plus Sirtuiins capsules  $6
*** Free Pueraria mirifica soap


Combo  order : Regina extra high pueraria mirifica Capsules and pueraria mirifica nano breast serum


Regina pueraria mirifica capsules  one bottle  $30  pueraria mirifica nano breast serum 50 ml.  $55  Shipping fee  $10   Total   $95     

*** Free 16 extra Regina pueraria mirifica capsules  $8


Regina pueraria mirifica capsules  two bottles  $58  pueraria mirifica nano breast serum 50 ml. $55  Shipping fee  $12   Total   $125     

*** Free 20 extra Regina pueraria mirifica capsules  $15
*** Free Pueraria mirifica soap sample


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