natural ways to tighten vigina
Natural treatment for prolapsed bladder

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home remedy to tighten virginia
Curcuma comosa tea
Curcuma comosa promotes blood circulation to the genital area, cell tissues and muscles of vaginal muscles. 

Curcuma comosa was the first major herb to be used for centuries in women after childbirths to help tighten loose vagina.his has been practices. Home remedy to tighten virginia. Curcuma comosa has effects to tighten vaginal muscles fast, tighten loose vagina after birth, tighten vag lips, prolapsed bladder treatment and as natural hormone for peri and menopause.



oils for menopause.

Health+ Oils

Four Virgin super health oils in one. Pure, Cold-pressed, Unrefined, Unbleached, Non-deodorized and Non-hydrogenated Super Oils: Virgin Garlic Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Perilla Oil, Virgin Rice Bran Oil



butterfly pea flowers

 Anti Hair Loss Herbs Extract

100% natural ingredients specifically chosen for hair growing properties, Chemical-free From a record of 5-year follow up with 150 customers, the results prove that our anti hair loss herbs can Stop baldness with 90% Success Rate !! Guaranteed natural hair regrowth with no side effects.


anti hairloss shampoo
hair growth shampoo

100% natural, handmade and chemical-free
Hair Growth Shampoo Soap is rich in chosen herbs extract & pure essential oil which specifically having hair growing properties. The herbs and essential oil work in a synergy to help promote hair growth, reduce hair loss, delay grey hair, promote a healthy, happy scalp. – Results proved!



pueraria mirifica soap with pueraria mirifica extractPueraria Mirifica Herbal Soap
(premium handmade – high Pueraria mirifica extract)

Our Pueraria mirifica soap is made from glycerine which is gentle to the skin and with the Highest concentration of pueraria mirifica extract in the market, unlike most other commercial soaps.
With the high phytoestrogenic effects, pueraria mirifica soap is good for stimulating collagen synthesis, nourishing and firming saggy skin while gently cleaning. Regina Pueraria mirifica soap is also perfect for make-up cleanser and suitable for acne skin, dry skin.