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genuine customers reviews

Listen to our customers before you make a decision. We are happy when you are satisfied with the results. Real customers feedback. Most messages were from our correspondence with customers, they were initially not intended for testimonial purpose then you may feel some words seem a little off, may not sound smooth like you read from other sites because reviews are real! We found interesting to share with other visitors then our herbs can help save many people who have the same problems, We respect customers’ words and that we just keep all real, no change, no invention.



Hello Ivy, I left a great review /feedback for you and I hope it helps you out! I should write a review if I placed an order that big!

You have a great product!


Subject : Curcuma Comosa Vaginal Tightening Pills

Hi to Everyone,

For me this product Curcuma Comosa works very well as I have been using it for more than several months now. It is worth it for me also to order overseas to where I am in the United States. I have tried a US version of this product and had to

use 2x the amount to have the same effect which doubled the cost of the US version. The US version probably could have told you how much you really

needed to take for it to work best but then you would not have been able to afford it-it just led you on to sort of work.

From Pure Breast Herbs the directions on the bottle of 2 in the am and 2 at night are accurate and their price is less than the US version. Ordering it from this company the shipping is very minimal to the US and is worth not paying double for a watered down version.

I have felt my vaginal muscles to def be tightened up for me felt during intercourse with a tighter grip but not overly tight either-just right! After having a baby I could not feel my husband in me very well and now I feel him much better and he

feels me too. Its great and less embarrassing now that I am tighter!

I take the recommended dose of 2 in the am and 2 in the pm like it says. Me & my husband feel again the way we used to. I was worried I may even could

get overly tight like I said before but no I didn’t get overly tight either-the comfort level has been great because if I was too tight that wouldn’t work well either.

I really also liked this company who sells it, they were quick to reply to my email on a question about my first order with them awhile back and helped me make something right I did wrong on accident-they were honest and easy to get ahold of which is also great for an overseas company.

I’m really glad I tried this company and this product out, it has helped me feel better and do better and at a great price!

Amy, (U.S.A.)


hello, i am a customer of yours for the curcuma comosa pills. when i first bought the bottle i could feel the pills working. i honestly felt my walls contracting. and when i had intercourse with my husband he came 3 times! so it was well worth buying and it worked. 

Rosie, U.S.A.


Hi, my name is Colette (my nick name is Coco) and I just wanted to thank you so much for your herbs. I ordered the Curcuma comosa and the Pueranria mirifica. Both, I’ve had positive results with in a short amount of time! 

I was a single mom of 6 children and theyre all grown now however I started dating after my last child graduated and have met a wonderful man and we are engaged to get married on Valentines Day next year. I was very concerned about how loose I was after having so many children and on my feet so much. 

I started the Curcuma comosa and went through two jars and have just reordered more. I really felt a difference however it was proved when my mom recently moved in with me and again, I’ve been on my feet alot because she’s ill. I so much noticed that I don’t feel the pressure down there like before…already!! And I’m very grateful!

Coco, U.S.A.  


Dear Ivy, I would like to update u about my condition after taking the breast pills 1 am and 2 pm. I am happy with the product coz after taking 1 am, 1 pm eventhough the dosage reduce, i still can see different in my breast. More full. I also happy with your curcuma comosa pills coz my husband said very warmth inside and tight. I can feel the different.

Shida, Malaysia 



This is my second order and would like to know if you can ship as soon as possible. Very satisfied with your product, tried another brand even have an additional bottle left, however their product does not measure up to yours. I saw results in as little as a week – especially in my face.

Thank you,

C xxxxxxx

(We hided her address and family name for her privacy)

United States

P.S. what are your ingredients as my Gyno would like to know.


I also do kegels, but what I have noticed with your Curcuma comosa is changes that I can feel and see.  On the outside, my whole pubic area looks tighened, smaller and neater.  Also, around my vagina opening it is closed and you cannot see the bladder prolapse.  As far as what I feel, when I press around my vagina opening, it feels like the vagina muscle is tighter, because that area is firmer and feels stronger.  If I push down hard, THEN I will see my bladder come down to the opening.  If I don’t push down, it just looks very neat, tighter and smaller.

Before I started taking the Curcuma comosa, I looked large down there, big mound and all.  Also, before I started taking the Curcuma comosa, when I opened my legs and looked down I could see my vagina opening, and also my bladder at the vagina opening.  It does not look like that now, because of the Curcuma comosa, 🙂

Sxxxxx, U.S.A.


I do have a prolapsed bladder where most of the time, if I sit and open my legs, you can see it.  It was like while on the Curcuma.  it’s like in order for me to see my bladder, I have to press down so that’s a HUGE PLUS!! 🙂  Something else, it makes your breath smell fresh.  You still have to floss and brush your teeth, but still, I do not have bad breath like I used to.  I like the Curcuma, which is why I placed another order which you’ve told me is also in the hands of the Postal Service. 

S, U.S.A.


Please ship the herbs as quickly as possible. I have recently run out and do not want my boyfriend to notice any changes in the quality of our romance due to not having your product. Thanks so much!

Txxxx, U.S.A.


I am pleased with your curcuma pills and your service!

Courtney, U.S.A.


I am in need of some help, I have a bladder prolapse which is pushing down on my vaginal wall and I have been reading online about Curcuma Comosa but I am getting mixed reviews. Some sites say it helps PREVENT a prolapse and some say it HEALS and helps Repair prolapse by tightening and strengthening the saggy vaginal wall. I would appreciate any help in this matter as I am just looking for something that helps to keep me away from surgery.

Have you known this to help women with prolapse?  

Pure Miracle Herbs replied: We can tell you that we are the first one who brings this herb with our unique formula and because of your message I just found out that many web sites start to sell this kind of herb and I am not sure if they know exactly the herbs they are selling are the same kind of our herbs. Name in Thai and in scientific are different.

Yes our formula helps heal and repair the vaginal wall prolapse – we have great feedback with regular customers. This help avoid surgery or help improve your situation.


I do have a prolapse of the bladder too (Cystocele) have u had anyone in the past with this same issue? I am assuming of course it will take more then the one bottle but how long do u think until I can actually tell?

Before purchasing I asked a bunch of questions and was told that many say it lifts so I am just wondering… also maybe I should take more then 2 two times a day?? Please let me know, I want so badly to have this work so I don’t have to have surgery to lift …thank you

After 2 bottles, below is a message from this customer.  

I will if I can afford it in the future maybe get more then 6 at a time. I think I will just put a order in for the 3 bottles because it is all I can afford without taking money for my food/grocery money.  I wish I could afford more but it’s tight here right now. Thank you again, I appreciate your help and for listening.

her following message  

It looks as if this week is really tight so I will only be able to afford just the one bottle this week (ordering now). …

As for leaving feedback I have no problem with that, I would love to so it helps other women. Thank you again and I am putting my order in now 🙂

Jxxx, U.S.A.



Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 00:53:55 -0700


Subject: RE: Your tracking number


Good morning Ivy,

… The pills ARE GREAT. I feel myself tight again, it feels wonderful. My skin is glowing and everybody is asking me what am using, it feels ABSOLUTELY GREAT, i’ve got my confidence back on.

On taking my last bottle though, so i was wondering how much US dollars can i send through Western Union to send me 3 more bottles to Uganda.

Pliz respond …

Kind regards,


— On Tue, 4/2/13, PURE Miracle Herbs <> wrote:

From: PURE Miracle Herbs <>

Subject: RE: Your tracking number

To: “Mxxxx XXXX” <>

Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 6:39 AM

Dear Mxxxx,

Thank you for your kind message.

Please accept my apology for the delay. I have many queries in inbox amd missed some mails some times.

Yes, the pills in a zip bag are the same –just free gift for you.

Definitely, this formula helps glow your skin as well. In some women, they could feel that the herbs even lift up their face tone.

Hope you response well and fast with the herbs.

Thanking you.

Best regards,



A feedback from 60 years old customer who has been used our Venus tightening pills for more  than a year by now. She also uses Regina Pueraria mirifica high phytoestrogen pills as well later on.

I hope her feedback helps many women who have the same problems as her. Thank you.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: xxxxxxx <>

Date: Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 12:06 AM

Subject: RE: Pueraria mirifica helps stimulate collagen production

To: “” <>  

Dear Ivy,  

It is all a bit embarrassing but ‘Yes, of course’ ,  if anonymous you may use my feedback as it may help others.  

The Cucuma comosa capsules have helped me so much.  Although my uterus is in the correct place with a ?cystocele I had been having problems passing urine.  I guess because I could not empty my bladder completely I would often have slight bladder infections.  Although I did hundreds of Kegel exercises daily,  I was fighting a loosing battle as the frequency of bladder infections increased.  I want to avoid surgery and the only way I could get relief was to take some old HRT tablets I found in my bottom drawer.  Then I searched on the internet for a natural HRT.    Now I have been taking your Cucuma comosa capsules for about a year and I cannot remember the last time I had a bladder infection.  I still do some Kegal exercises and have cut down to one Cucuma comosa  a day which has proved to be the perfect formula for me.

Then I discovered your Pueraria mirifica capsules which has given me relief from the discomfort of vaginal dryness I have had since the menopause.   I no longer have to bother with crèmes and my breasts are firmer so I feel like me once again.  Being 60 is not so bad after all!

Thanks again Ivy



Subject: Fxxxxx (customer name as her subject)


Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 22:42:30 -0500


Hello…I placed a order before for the curcuma comosa….I was well pleased with my order i noticed the difference in my troubled area…however I would like to reorder but this time I want to order the combo for $56…the curcuma comosa & breast enhancement pills…I always have trouble with paying thru PayPal so can you jus send me an invoice like before? Thanks!!!


We received a Venus – Curcuma comosa reviews from one customer, she noticed this within the first month of use.

Hi Ivy,  

Thank you for asking! Usually, I experience menstrual cramps like it was when I was a teenager. I would have to lie down. However, this month, I began to feel a slight cramp come on, but it subsided and I had no menstrual cramps at all! I also see a glow in my face, a more youthful look-so pleasing to see! I have five children and I do have loose walls, so I am really looking forward to a change there!

Again, thank you so much for your expertise.


K. (hide her name)




From: XXX XXX <>

Date: Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 3:50 AM

Subject: RE: Pueraria mirifica helps stimulate collagen production

To: “” <>


Dear Ivy,

Very many thanks for your reply. I will purchase some serum with my next order and as you suggest to add it to my face cream.

I also want to thank you for making your Pueraria mirifica and Cucuma comosa capsules available to us as with these I am no longer fearing the need for urogynaecological surgery. I feel normal, feminine and young once again although I realise I am 60 years old this year!

Bless you Ivy,

Ruth x


What it does for me is shrink and tighten the mons pubis area, shrinks and tightens the appearance of the vulva, regulates the menustration and leaves you nice and clean, you do not have to douche at the end of your period, you don’t have to douche at all.




Dear Ivy,

I will consider the estrogen herbs later.  I am 40 years of age and I have had five children. After I complete the nursing stage with my baby, which will be in about 6 months.

The CC Venus herbs seem to be working, I can feel. They have definitely eased my cramps and I expect to feel more tightening.

Again, thank you for the advice, and I plan to stay on this regimen for a few more months.




From: Cxxxx (

Sent:Thursday, September 04, 2014 12:10:50 AM


I want to say thank you for your product I received it about a week ago and recently started to take it Friday, August 29th and I saw results within 3 days! 🙂 but still need alot more to go. I wanted to ask if it’s safe to have sex right away, or should I wait till I finish taking all the pills..? My partner has an above average size so I’m scared if that will interfere with it..

I’ll patiently wait for your response..

Once again thank you!! 🙂




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