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curcuma comosa vaginal tightening herbs

Natural vaginal rejuvenation/
Natural treatment for Prolapsed bladder

R herbs contain genuine species of feminine herbs which especially having effects on female genital muscles. The major herbs are Curcuma comosa & Asparagus racemosus. Both herbs have unique substances which their natural substances have strong tightening effects on muscles especially the muscles at the genital system i.e. vaginal walls, vaginal muscles, vaginal lips and bladder prolapse. This is true. Nature has mystical and magical effects. Our unique tightening formula help thousands women and they can avoid surgery. Get a tighter vagina, vigina tightening home remedies, cystocele repair, tighten vagina after childbirth, natural remedies for prolapsed bladder. Vaginal rejuvenation without vaginoplasty. Read Genuine feedback

genuine pueraria mirifica

Breast enlargement Male & Female

ReginaNatural breast enlargement, male breast enlargement by genuine species of Pueraria mirifica which has the highest phytoestrogens. Increase breast cups naturally and safely,  no high risk in breast cancer, unlike synthetic hormones.


natural hormone supplements

Herbs for Menopause & Premenopause

Phytoestrogens for female estrogen replacement to delay ageing and reduce menopausal symptoms: hot flashes relief, night sweats, vaginal dryness etc.

ReginaR contains genuine species of Pueraria mirifica which give high phytoestrogenic effects – very safe for long-term use, highly effective and cancer-risk free. You can feel that you become young again.

VenusR contains genuine species of Curcuma comosa & Asparagus racemosus which both herbs are also phytoestrogenic effects and feminine substances that work synergistically with Pueraria mirifica. You will feel and look so much younger than your age — Guaranteed!

Vaginal rejuvenation / natural remedies for prolapsed bladder

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