* 100% Natural & Genuine Species
* Unique Formula by Licensed Medical Herbalists
* Improvement noticed within 1-2 bottles
* With more than 85% repeated orders !
* Genuine Feedback
* Permanent Results


We have been online since 2005. We are most specialized in feminine herbs. With long experience and research in these herbs. We are proud that our ingredients are selective and uniquely formulated for the most effective results which users can notice the improvement within only 1-2 bottles. Some can notice the difference withiin the first week.

We are expertise in herbs to tighten the vaginal muscles, bladder prolapse natural cures, breast enlargement, natural hormone replacement and delay ageing. 

Our herbal capsules are 100% natural, genuine species and pure, no any synthetic. chenical-free. You can take daily, (same like you eat foods everyday) because they are all natural.


Authentic Species is the key for strong and permanent results.  We are herbalist medicine with license. We work with genuine species only ! and we are local with indigenous herbs in Thailand. Many websites online do not sell genuine species and that is not safe because you do not know what is inside the pills. 

We are proud that we have helped many thousands of women and men who have such problems to avoid surgery, gain their confidence back, regain youth. And that we have more than 85% repeated orders. Our customers love the products, and sure, you will!


Vaginal tightening pills / Prolapsed bladder Natural Cures / Tighten vag lips

curcuma comosa tightening pillsVenusR contains genuine species of Curcuma comosa, Asparagus racemosus mainly. Both herbs have unique substances which the natural substances have strong tightening effects on muscles especially the muscles at the genital system i.e. vaginal walls, vaginal lips, bladder prolapse and uterus. Our Curcuma comosa Unique formula helps thousands of women. Curcuma comosa tightening pills to tighten vaginal muscles, tighten vagina after childbirth, tighten vag lips, bladder prolpase treatment without surgery (cystocele repair) with permanent results. Many customers do not need vaginoplasty or bladder surgery any more. Check out our genuine feedback.


Breast enlargement Male & Female

pure pueraria mirifica or white khao krua for natural breast enlargementReginaNatural breast enlargement, male breast enlargement by genuine species of Pueraria mirifica which has the highest phytoestrogens among phytoestrogenic herbs. Regina help increase breast cups naturally and safely,  no high risk in breast cancer, unlike synthetic hormones. Regina pueraria mirifica capsules contain selective and genuine species herbs formula with high phytoestrogens is found very effective in male breasts as well.


Herbs for Menopause & Premenopause

curcuma comosa tightening pills and pueraria mirifica phytoestrogen pillsPhytoestrogens – the Best alternative for Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

to delay ageing and reduce menopausal symptoms: hot flashes relief, night sweats, vaginal dryness etc.

ReginaR contains genuine species of Pueraria mirifica which give high phytoestrogenic effects – very safe for long-term use, highly effective and cancer-risk free. You can feel that you become young again.

VenusR contains genuine species of Curcuma comosa & Asparagus racemosus which both herbs are also phytoestrogenic effects and feminine substances that work synergistically with Pueraria mirifica.

You will feel and look so much younger than your age — Guaranteed!


The Most Powerful Antioxidant Highest in Sirtuins, Autophagy Booster

turmerics superfoodsGain your youth back, fight & delay ageing with the most highest antioxidant herbs and one of the top ten sirtfoods with the highest Sirtuins. Turmerics are also found to induce ‘autophagy’ the latest found for anti-ageing process. Delay ageing process and healthy with our unique 3 species of Turmeric Family:: Wild Turmeric, WhiteTurmeric and Turmeric.


Venus Curcuma comosa Tea

home remedy to tighten virginia
Curcuma comosa tea
Curcuma comosa promotes blood circulation to the genital area, cell tissues and muscles of vaginal muscles. 
Curcuma comosa was the first major herb to be used for centuries in women after childbirths to help tighten loose vagina.his has been practices. Home remedy to tighten virginia. Curcuma comosa has effects to tighten vaginal muscles fast, tighten loose vagina after birth, tighten vag lips, prolapsed bladder treatment and as natural hormone for peri and menopause.

HealthPluz Oils

oils for menopause.Four Virgin super health oils in one. Pure, Cold-pressed, Unrefined, Unbleached, Non-deodorized and Non-hydrogenated Super Oils: Virgin Garlic Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Perilla Oil, Virgin Rice Bran Oil



Anti Hair Loss Herbs Shampoo Soap

anti hairloss shampoo100% handmade and natural ingredients specifically chosen herbs extract & pure essential oil for hair growing properties, Chemical-free. From a ercord and follow up, the results prove that our anti hair loss herbs soap can help hair regrowth, reduce hairloss, delay grey hair, promote a healthy, happy scalp significantly.


Pueraria Mirifica Soap (high Pueraria mirifica extract)

pueraria mirifica soap with pueraria mirifica extract
High pueraria mirifica extract

Our handmade Pueraria mirifica soap is made from glycerine which is gentle to the skin and with the Highest concentration of pueraria mirifica extract in the market, unlike most other commercial soaps.
With the high phytoestrogenic effects, pueraria mirifica soap is good for stimulating collagen synthesis, nourishing and firming saggy skin while gently cleaning. Regina Pueraria mirifica soap is also perfect for make-up cleanser and suitable for acne skin, dry skin.


Natural Testosterone Booster/ Male Hormone Pills

butea superba treats erectile dysfunction
natural male hormone booster

ButeaMaxR contains high concentration of Butea superba, the King of Male Herbs. Butea superba is a phytotestosterone that has high natural testosterone which it can boost testosterone in the body, replace male hormones, strength and stamina naturally.

There were clinical trials proving that Butea superba can treat erectile dysfunction (ED) safely even in male with diabetes and high blood pressure and Butea superba is called Herbal Viagra.

Butea superba also use as female libido supplements. Natural ways to increase female libido safely and effectively (just one pill daily or alternate day or when needed).





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